A Thousand Words

A photograph shouldn’t be just a picture,it should be a philosophy-   Amrit Kalantri “A picture is worth a thousand words,” the first time I heard this it was in the 10th grade, our history teacher wanted to test our analytical skills. Based on the image of a mother drowning in money as she holds her child above it. … More A Thousand Words


Be known for your footprints not your fingerprints -anonymous It is three days to what would be the end of a crush semester. It all feels like the speed of light and bam exams are here, before we know it we are going home and management is breathing down our neck in the name of … More FOOTPRINTS


In Kenya when one attempts suicide, they are a danger to themselves and the public. Therefore the first place to visit is the counselor’s office as it is thestates responsibility. That caught my attention when I keenly listened to mum explain the process after which I drifted to my paradise In my world I believed … More THE FIGHT OF FAITH