Be known for your footprints not your fingerprints -anonymous

It is three days to what would be the end of a crush semester. It all feels like the speed of light and bam exams are here, before we know it we are going home and management is breathing down our neck in the name of pre-recordings. It is days like this we realize that we came to study and our social lives were just an extra package. It’s in the silent moments like this we reminisce the good old childhood memories when life was simple and it was moms or dads responsibility to handle when we do our homework and what time we woke up. All we had to do was oblige to every instruction which was pure bliss.

It is in the same spirit we reminisce the events that have unfolded in our lives. Sometimes we find the alcoholics raising a glass to God. I found myself in such a predicament when a friend insisted we go for worship night, i obliged out of the fear of walking alone to the furthest hostel in campus. The experience was magical, heaven came down or maybe it was the excellence in worship team, all that mattered was the connection between spirit man and the author of life, God.

It was not about my accomplishments, but His faithfulness to His word how .He has never left things half way in our lives as much as we pump our chest claiming it our own doing, we forget that he was there all along. I must admit I confessed my selfish pride in claiming to have overcome rape trauma ,A’ sing my exams when all odds were against me(those semesters you’re sure you will not seat for exams cause there is no money) above all that I have kept myself alive this far despite the contemplated suicide and slow performance due to antidepressants.

This reminded me a simple poem about a man who blamed God for His absence in hard time as marked by the footprints in the sand. It come to show how humanity forgets that we come from the author of all things yet we claim victory and forget to glorify the one who got us to the finishing line. We have become capitalist to the point we negotiate with God in prayers. We are lazy Christians who reluctantly leave the long prayer to the pastors as we go out to toil for our daily bread, But we forget God provides it .We are zealous about worldly things and impatient with God instead see Him as Nescafe 3 in 1 sachets, for use only we need that extra boost . We forget He gave us life so we may have footprints in the sands of time.