A Thousand Words

A photograph shouldn’t be just a picture,it should be a philosophy-   Amrit Kalantri

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” the first time I heard this it was in the 10th grade, our history teacher wanted to test our analytical skills. Based on the image of a mother drowning in money as she holds her child above it. It was a German poster of how worthless money had become due to the great depression in Europe in the 1930’s.America had sneezed and Europe caught the cold.

This brings us to the above photo. It is titled American solider and little girl. A masterpiece is what a friend called it, she insisted on the irony. But what concerned her most was how the picture was taken. Was it stage managed? Did the little girl get a sweet for being comparative? Was she sexually abused by the solider? Where were her parents?

“That is the reality in Kenya marginalized communities who happen to live near the training zones of the British army (Ilngwesi, Mumonyot, Ildigiri and Mukogodo locations)”. According to Munga Wawerus article in the standard newspaper on February 12th 2014.Amnesty International blew the lead on these silent violation that our state and Britain has been keeping under wraps. It stated that between 1965-2001 at least 650 women have been raped am sorry gang raped is more like it .35years the brothers, husbands mothers ,fathers and sisters of this victims have learnt to breath as life got sipped out of their own.

I wonder if the woman who talks of the ordeal got married, if she had a family wait, if she was able to create one ,am sure you’re wondering if she got an S T I or got pregnant? If so was she segregated for being the weaker party? Hers is the story of Medusa subjected to a curse because of simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. You see, legend has it that girl got raped by a god in the temple of a goddess and the goddess cursed the girl she became the end of all men who looked at (apparently the y turned into stone).

If the Medusa ordeal happened in Kenya that woman would the verbally clawed to death the goddess for condemning a victim. She would have made news for a week the trend would have content for an hour and the Radio feminist would have her for breakfast. Do you see it? Am sure social media would be blazing and Vera would have to think of a way to remain relevant because for some reason there is no media traffic her way. If we pause and look around us we have kept quiet about a lot of things going on around us .We have chosen to talk about it them behind mask called technology. We have accepted things as they are simply because that’s not our business. We want the pictures with a thousand likes on Facebook or an equal number of followers in twitter. We are quick to flood Instagram and Pinterest with OMG pictures but simply hash tag- Mpeketoni killings, Westgate siege or the recent Likoni attacks.

I tell you the truth that time is almost over. There will come a time when we will run out of the thousands of words we say, text, tweet and post and doing something will the means of redemption. Why wait till the curtain rolls down.