Tea Party

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.
If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.”

–Emily Post

Whenever we hear the words “tea party “The image of women with ridiculous hats and monochrome clad with mannerism that would simply make your skin crawl ,not to mention the tiny teacups that hold two to one sip of tea depending on how well breed one is
tea party
The ways of the English .This people know how to pull off anything ,you see the new version of tea a.k.a black tea was as a result of the world war 1, milk ran out (they simply could not get dairy products from the farms)and they had to have tea so black tea became a permanent swag. Today we have all types of tea that do not need milk.

I have been in this situation one too many times especially with a darling in law to be, but it’s the relationships that make the tea parties worthwhile. It’s the bond shared among real women who came together to support another s wedding then it just grew from then on a man would simply rule this out as attachment issues but they are as real as it gets.

Some are mother while the rest are getting there, some married and others nearing the aisle .a few wonderful things come to light they are far from egocentric, competitive, malicious and needy. They are a force to reckon with a tsunami has nothing on this women, they are graceful, charming, intelligent and very aggressive.

I have seen this very women torn up by betrayal, heart breaks and abuse this reminds us that they are human not the weaker sex but human. Something changes after the tea parties .they might have red eyes but they are geared to fight for their marriages. others having found real solutions to their problems .they all have learn something new about love family and career be it from the stories shared among themselves or the experiences each of them has had. They have learn’t to laugh and look like goddesses even when the ground beneath then is shaking, they help to patch the cracks on each others walls, they have refused to be extinct and conform to the superficial ways in the name of the 21st century. They do not toil for friendship instead avail themselves when one is in need.

Did God answer a prayer? Yes .Because these women are slow to speak but quick to listen .As much you will hate the little teacups the tea, the heavy hats, lengthy dresses and the boxed up etiquette with this women it will be worthwhile you just can leave with the same mind-set.