coyote ugly

Ever been in a really bad dream then you wake up only to find you’re in that dream? Well that’s how a lady feels when they wake up next to Mr.WTF!.. It gets that way especially if he is not anywhere close to look able or in the dingiest place in town. What is sweetest about such mornings is the flashing memories of the sheets folding under you the sweet ecstasy that last for 5 minutes on a really bad day. Although there is the dreaded moments is having to walk home in last night’s dressing that the seamstress clearly ran out of material , the caved out make up that looks like you had a head on collision with a lorry.
This is the typical coyote ugly judging yourself before the world does. What happens when that one night changes your future? He could call you for a date to try to see if there is more to your body or well just because he is a man. What about the ladies who turn out positive or with herpes or the latest version of gonorrhea. What about the lady who ends up being a single mum?
Am sure common sense just checked in and we both agree niggar should have wrapped it up!! kwani they do not know e pills? But what if they pulled all this stop and well the gods decided to be humorous which is just not funny .For me the coyote ugly wasn’t that one night adventure it was the camouflage of love and pure recklessness and in due time I was peeing on a stick praying that the universe must be very sick in the head to cook something in my uterus.
I mean it felt so good how he had me mourning his name, how he looked into my eyes it just felt right so right I wanted to be his. Well 3 weeks later here I am in this pungent excuse of the ladies room shaking like a twig to the 2 strips making me a mum. A mum! The gods must be crazy how they dare do this, again. The sweet tingles of the love making become stale to the idea of raising a child .How? I can’t and well he is ever confused so we choose to be a statistic.
Widening up my legs yet again not to allow his manhood to press into me only this time to have life removed. Life that can never be replaced one that is granted by God. Who made me its god, to choose their existence? Sex, unprotected sex at the wrong time now here I am once more carving out a future where I’ll miss someone I’ll never know, never cradle to sleep or see them grow to conquer the world. It is not okay .where will all their lives go? Will writing about this get me in trouble? Will this be the end of a brighter future? Still the damage is done.
Where do we choose to stand? With God not to right the wrong but embrace that we had a part in all of it. It’s here we choose not to feel like a broken toy but a caterpillar who’s undiscovered beauty and future as a well-kept secret .it’s here I choose to look inside and not find the coyote ugly but life ,hope and laughter in God .