The Talk

“Baby we need to talk, “that sends a grown man running under his mother’s skirt”. Moments like this makes one review their impact in the relationship. The talk could build or break a relationship but all depends on the players.

This was my situation only days ago and by God I ran for the hills when he said we need to talk .The little people in my head held an emergency meeting the kind that Obama would when Putin’s troops invaded Ukraine. This was war and I had lost. I just needed to figure a glorious defeat. The kind that the world would use as a phrase, like the defeat in WaterLoo.

It is D day and my God! It feels like Hitler for his insane reason you too would take the pill before the Brits got to you. The man I’m looking at, is not the same man who worshiped the ground I walk on .As we build to the judgment he smiles holds my hand and lies how beautiful I LOOK and goes on to blame his counselor for what he is about to say.

She suggested he needs a year off anything that resembles a relationship. Yet again the fate of my relationship has been determined by another woman. One I honestly would like to give a piece of my mind. Wait, did he just blame someone else for his cowards’ statement? Where are the balls that men are supposed to have? What happened to Romeo? Who would go to great lengths, defy all odds to be with Julie? What happened to happily ever after or at least making it happen?

The people in my head had my tongue and hands ready to respond to this madness but the glory of battle is death is in your enemies’ hands. Moments like this prove how much of a lady mother raised us to be. Therefore like any battle I subtly accepted that his counselor is right and he needs to find himself. In that instance the sword was driven through my intestines finally breaking my spine. The death was Glorious but for some insane reason I have lived to see another day.


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