Eve’s Apple

“A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water. 

  Eleanor Roosevelt

The Urban Dictionary claims that the Eve’s apple releases endorphins and serotonin into the blood stream and once they come into contact with the hormone estrogen, it creates a negative chemical reaction, causing women to become what we know today as  a raving bitch. Let us agree that this author should join the chauvinist army of men who silently blame the fall of man on women. We see it in the tiny games wear for the women. The inverted ovens that force women to bend to bake well guess am being a raving bitch

Have you ever visited the labor wards? Trust you will cringe at the idea of conceiving any form of life. The site will scar you for life but what is interesting about the experience is seeing this women go to lengths to push life out them, the agony is indescribable. I have seen women pull their hair by the roots, kneel to push their babies others get slapped to push the baby. Trust me you want to see Eve’s apple walk into your nearest labor wards.

Here I was nearly 300kms from Nairobi listening to a total stranger open up about their birth experience, from 16hrs in labor to getting injections on her spine! Not to mention the horror of being partly conscious as the gynecologist torn her open to bring life. After that terrifying trip she said one thing that will stick for life “at that point the child’s life was more important than mine,” dear men, teens and well brats, that woman who is always breathing down your neck with the title of mother in your life was at this point in her life just for you. You may loss respect for her personality or lifestyle choices do not disrespect the woman who gave birth to you.

Some of you are thinking am drinking wine while preaching water, truth be told up to that point I salute all mothers. However the hard work comes in while rising the new being, teaching them right from wrong. This is the throne in Eve’s flesh if you thought the labor ward was the epitome of motherhood you are wrong.

This woman will probably have to deal with your father’s family, take a slap or a punch here and there so you can understand why dad is important no matter what. This woman will learn to forgive your unfaithful dad so you could have the decencies of a nuclear home. Another will toil to blind your fathers short comings or the one who accommodates your passive father just to give you a sense of stability.

These woman are far from weak .They did not need the man you call father but acknowledge that you will need that figure to mold you into a better man or a wiser woman in what you will soon call my family.