A Long Way Home


It is nearly 3 years and I’m tired so tired my smile cannot hide it. In the name of education I feel constipated but still hunger for more at this point. I would love to join the m pigs. Do routines tire you? Have you ever been in a situation where the only thing you crave more is to simply go home but you don’t know what to tell your loved ones once you step foot in the house? Have you ever wanted to blow your piece of mind to everyone you loved because you were sick and tired of the madness going on? I have, instead masked it with a smile or silent charm that confuses my closest of friends when they come to visit our home. Am in a dilemma, I’m so tired i want to go home but I don’t want to go home. Even when I’m home I still feel a long way from home. Breath I remind myself, it will be over soon,is too impatient for this soon if it was a lover it would be over. Soon has my pulling my hair by the roots and looking like the joker in a rainy day. By now you have figured I’m venting about something. I will let you know once God has calmed the storms raging in me. Meanwhile it is time to pack for another looooong weekend at home