Happy New Year

It is only 4 hours away till I turn 24 its official can’t play with the idea of being younger. This feels like I’m slowly becoming s fossil tuchea you would think but really, how did you picture yourself at your mid-twenties? Is that image a reality or do you feel frustrated by where you are today? For some women it would be leading the dream career and freedom from their mother others the comfort of family and the title of mama nani. Well, am here looking at 4 hours of being 23 and thinking what am I proud of? Is this where I want to be? Of cause to address such weighty question a girl needs a bucket no, no the whole of ooh ice cream orDairy Land factories.

Truth is a new year begins for me and like all human beings I have managed to scribble down a few things that I pray with your help we can do this.

1.God First:eyes on god
Yes!!! I am saved and madly in love with God. This means some friends will slowly disappear in my life. It will not be voluntary because my kind of fun will most certainly not be the same as theirs nor will the world views. To add on to the package God lead me to this lovely fearless woman who is given to His work and am humbled to be walking in her footsteps this is one experience that I treasure with all my heart. It is a fact that we need to get serious for God to get serious with us and this means allowing Him to lead even when we may know all the answers so that is a work in progress.

2.Being a Queen:queen

It is about time I looked in the mirror and said that but well, this means that my lazy excuse of fashion has to take a walk and there is need to listen to a few fashion ideas you know look the part and all. A queen is more than her appearance, you see a kingdom is a huge shoe to fill which has been the hardest task but persistence has sailed me have way across the river and more is needed of me to become that role model I aspire for and it is the women who have chartered this waters that am ready to listen to. Yes I will play in mud, heard it is good for the skin, being hands on has great results. I refuse to allow titles to define me but push for the reversal. I will love myself too much to share any of me to anybody who is confused, in hurry or simply having fun. With the help of God am certain I’ll be The Queen for The King.

3.Preparing to meet my King:king
Reality has downed on me that my sister was very right,‘Family keeps a woman alive’. So this few words are to my dearest. My King, I will wait for you from now on preserve me for you, just as the church waits for Christ’s return. I will always pray for God to keep you as He does to me, to lead you to where He wants you to be finally to mold you into a man of and not for God. Be assured when we meet you won’t meet a damsel in distress but worthy to rule with. As I wait watch me learn how to love and to commit to those I love before you come into the picture. I love you.

Enough about me, where you are is defined by what you do, not where you want to go. Ladies grace the world with your brains more than beauty, gentlemen don’t just haunt protect and give for those you care for.