F*** This

“Weight loss is not the key to your dreams. The truth is there is no lock and the door is flimsy.”
―Golda Poretsky

The two questions that can take a man to his early grave; How old are you? And how much do you weigh? This likely to happens when the recipient is a woman. Brothers, allow me to crush school you. If you can’t tell her age by her face please, please say “wow, you are Beautiful/Ravishing /Breathtaking,” if you can see she looks like she’s above 30 years comments ” my, your beauty is timeless,” or just simply worship the ground she walks on. Secondly, if the she looks great in a dress; big, small or size 0 (cause that is a reality) give a nice complement and if it looks inappropriate or like she has used all the petroleum jelly in Vaseline to fit into the clad , just smile and wave boys, smile and wave. The little people ‘in her head’ told her that before she left the house.
Just as new trends emerge so do body types, you see when I was 10, it was all miss skinny, at 16 it was goodbye love handles silhouettes were the thing and at 20 reality dawned on me it all had to go or sweat it to look like the Kardashians .Today the formerly distated African curves are celebrated and thank God some of us have the genes for that club, but all we need to do is tone and shade in the right areas. For me, this shading business has never gone well because I eat as much as I run in short I’ve been losing weight for the last 3 years. If there was an award for the longest failed projects I would be part of the participants.
Why do we gym or try to live healthy? Does that drive die out? Is it truly a healthy lifestyle? I started #OperationChomaMafuta in high school because I was fed up of being the big elephant in the room that had to be addressed. Trust that did not go as planned. So I decide to stay in the comfort zone and lock out the world. After graduating I realized that I am an African and there was absolutely nothing wrong with my body. However, the lifestyle we all go through as we wait to transition into another institution got me doing sit-ups because it’s the little miss sunshine that rides into the sunset with the gallant heroes. she is the eligible damsel in distress and body types like mine well made the characters of evil step sisters. Over time this defined how I saw myself, reality was, I did not need or want to own a mirror if the braids look great then pair of shorts and t-shirt would do.
Then came campus and well let’s say where I school a good number of the ladies I know look like they stepped out of vogue magazine or relatives of/to the Kardashians. This little ladies challenged me but many of them had very little say in conversation or plain bitchy, got me wondering if having a great body meant having the faultless attitude, yes I used it , cause it is just plain disgusting and pungent put everyone off. Now only 5 months away from saying goodbye to this institution I find myself waking up at 5 am to pray then go for a run not because I want to fit into a photographers or marketers’ ideal but to save myself from suicidal thoughts and it makes me pro-active for most of the day. Moreover, to stay healthy to live longer to see what God can use me to carry out in this world.
So allow me to ask you again why did you start losing weight? What will you do if big bones are genetic? Will you love you or curse the gods for making you this way? Finally, why let a handful of miserable people in the world define if you are beautiful? You see God made everything beautiful you are the most magnificent being to walk this earth. Although this is no excuse to stuff yourself with whatever cravings you too are a beautiful temple that needs to be kept clean and beautiful at all times to represent His glory. So F*** the weighing scale!