Tired Of The Back Seat?

January 14th 2012, trust you me, you too would not forget this day. It was the very first class I attended as a campus student; to make matters worse my first Peace and Conflict transformation course PEA 141. So this middle age brown-skinned guy, carrying what resembles a laptop bag walks into class wearing a warm smile which was assuring and comforting. This, on hide sight was a mad Junker I swear, what followed was the question only Otto Von Bismarck would ever dare to ask. “What would you do if you found your spouse having intercourse with a stranger in your matrimonial bed?”

At that time the world came to a standstill and I had to counter check with the woman seated next to me all pulpiness if this was the right class, I mean how dare he ask such a question .This is an invasion of privacy, HELLO!!!! Mister, in case you forgot we are in a Christian institution, mother will have your head on a stake for this. Okay clear the people in my head lost it they still do every time we go back in time.

What would you do if you found your spouse in your bed with a stranger or well let’s just say that person who’s been keeping things warm while you were away?

My answer: call for an audiences off anyone within the area to see what sort of man I have and well to take pictures of the act this would be my 5 seconds of fame as the betrayed spouse.

The rest of the class opted to walkout and never come back, some said they would wait for the spouse in the living room and find the real issue others would go away cool of then talk later. Madness is what I thought. What is wrong with you people, I thought. The lecturer turned and look at me as if mourning someone’s death, why are you here Andanje? Answer: well it is an interesting course and helped my mum do some of her papers on the masters’ level. I am basically here to learn. Lecturer: You are in the wrong class my dear, but let’s leave that to time. The cold silence made things clear, I had just failed my first peace test.

It is November 12th 2014,my résumé screams interest in communication and applying for internship is hell for me cause I’m struggling to find a place that requires more than just what I have learned in class specifically communication. This frustrating situation was because I allowed someone to dictate nor take the driver seat and toss me to the back seat of my life.

Have you found yourself in such a predicament one too many times wondering; if only I was bold enough risk it all .Life will never be fair as long as we still remain fallen from God’s grace and glory .The poor decisions our parents make causing us salves of circumstance can be frustrating and near depressing .The question we need to ask is, are we tired of the back seat, what do we do? Shoot the driver, ask driver whose been enjoying the front row view of your life to stop really? What do we do?

Learn from this grand mistake, refuse to let life knock you down or the preying eyes and words of people who haven’t walked a mile in your shoe define your emotions. simply take control, once you have done that hand it over to God cause truth be told even we do not have the capacity to stay in control but the assurance is He who made it will make the best driver so get up from the back seat go to the passenger seat next to the driver(God Almighty).