Lunch at Mother’S

You either work smart now or work hard for the rest of your life- Mother Friday, 10 pm: phone rings, mother is calling me, I pick it hesitantly. Mother: where are you, are you coming? Me; um, nope, Kesho maybe. Mother; I have friends I would like you to meet from America, they’ll be coming … More Lunch at Mother’S

Theory of Evolution

Life is Evolution, Evolve or die- Julie Gichuru I vividly remember scribbling down these simple and profound statements in the year 2012. To her it was her final word if this was her word to the world then she had fulfilled her purpose in this word. You see, the said event was theme on branding … More Theory of Evolution

This man- Mutuati

How well do you know your country? How many towns have you visited that do not fall in your area of residence or home county? Allow me to take you on a brief journey, one I had to take because it was the festive season and for some insane reason I had to go out-of-town … More This man- Mutuati