This man- Mutuati

How well do you know your country? How many towns have you visited that do not fall in your area of residence or home county? Allow me to take you on a brief journey, one I had to take because it was the festive season and for some insane reason I had to go out-of-town not to shags or vacating but to be with Mother in the middle of what I would call nowhere courtesy of her area of work.
Destination; Meru. No, somewhere past Meru the best way I would describe it is Igembe North Constituency. Length of the journey; 7 hours, I mean there is absolutely no difference between me and the mwanachi who took the channia or modern coast to Mombasa. Here the newspaper is rear and maziwa mala is an unheard of delicacy (city peoples food). The landscape is beautiful; like gods seated watching their subjects, here the spirits of the ancestors reign, you can see it in the cursed mad men on the streets (apparently that’s how they are said to pass judgment). The air is so fresh and life is simple. Here are a few unforgettable experiences you will have after interacting with the locals.
This place in the middle of nowhere is the lab for green gold in Kenya. This commercial crop is still destined to Europe. And our brothers to the north (Somalia) are daily catered to by 15 transport vehicles that head there on a daily basis. Green gold is harvested from 4 to 6 am then the men role on to business for the better part of the day. Some get richer and celebrate by indulging on their own precious products. You see on a daily bases Mutauti makes 5million Kenya shillings in circulation.
Manhood is defined by circumcision, polygamy and completion of class eight. So if you’re a Nairobi girl do not expect better treatment from the men who are sober for only 6 hours a day and when he is not sober, he is busy fighting to get the better deal or to stay alive. Due to their nature of work, they are hot tempered and a simple misunderstanding leads to a machete war. The machete can easily be acquired in the open air market; just look out for the guy waving it in the air at broad daylight. As a result having flawless skin is a crime for both men and women who have lived here, a machetes touch would be the ideal way of initiating a newbie.
Just as they appear brutish, they are weaklings’ compared to the Samburu or Borana bordering them on the north. Their subjected women don’t say it, but the green gold that has made them impotent. The women look to the vigorous lively Samburu to help them bare children for the husbands based on simple rule stick to one man so that all the kids look-alike, other than seeding the Meru women, the Samburu men help in the agricultural activities and in return this very woman betray their men by providing food for them while they hide in waiting to steal cattle from the men. Like any man whose masculinity is challenged, retaliation is eminent but to this man even the illegal acquired gun proves to be useless while facing the Samburu.
What will make your skin crawl is the level of HIV/AIDS that did not make the statistics as the stigma keeps people from getting medication and those who are aware of their status spread it out of anger or malice which has increased the child rape cases. This is a place for men; women only exist by default or in the opinion of these men for the need of population increase. This ladies and gentlemen, is Mutuati. What will fascinate you, is the women clad in good first hand clothes, mutumba is unheard off and those who wear such are frowned upon by the entire society. I am sure you and I both would agree at this juncture it would be the ideal time to go back to civilization where equality and life is valued and guarded where there is some level of law enforcement and having flawless skin is not a crime.