Theory of Evolution

Life is Evolution, Evolve or die- Julie Gichuru

I vividly remember scribbling down these simple and profound statements in the year 2012. To her it was her final word if this was her word to the world then she had fulfilled her purpose in this word. You see, the said event was theme on branding but for a woman of substance this was Child’s play.Anyway here goes…..
Theory of Evolution was first coined by the famous Sir Charles Darwin . He emphasized on natural selection and mutation. Some see it as masters piece others, a mad mans writings but all in all there is some truth but here is the most perplexing thing about the theory. According to BCC documentary Racism: A History- The Theory of Evolution was his way of justifying the white race supremacy and painting the black skinned men as near cousins of the apes whom are still undergoing mutation and the world bought it just like the Jim Crow theories. If you ask me mad men wrote what other mad men needed to justify their inhuman acts. If you are a lover of African History then this documentary will get you throwing objects at your screen better yet snob the next muzungu you hope to worship.
A new year is here and like many festive eaters, I found myself jotting down weight loss as my first resolution but the truth is weight has been fluctuating to and fro. But this time round there is a yearning to be different a need to evolve for the better,many see it as the physical elements i.e getting a high grade in courses or in class or a car, buying the shamba or the well-deserved promotion. The thing is who we are, what we do and want is all but a game of domino’s. It takes discipline, commitment and consistency to succeed in anything. So let’s get real there is more to getting to your destination and you need to focus more on these little things. It could be that loophole that always has potential and almost success in all our endeavors.

Remember only a fool does the same thing expecting different results, so as we usher the dawn of an expectant new year, evolve not just for su

rvival or satisfying social economic educational expectations. Evolve so that your future self will thank you for it.

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