Lunch at Mother’S

You either work smart now or work hard for the rest of your life- Mother

Friday, 10 pm: phone rings, mother is calling me, I pick it hesitantly. Mother: where are you, are you coming? Me; um, nope, Kesho maybe. Mother; I have friends I would like you to meet from America, they’ll be coming for lunch Me: okay I’llcome;I’ll be there by noon. Phone call ends and boy aren’t I relieved she wasn’t mad I dint go home this weekend, my mantra its family ,we have a lifetime to make up for lost time, yeah, I know that’s a bit lazy I just can’t help it the introvert me. Don’t get me wrong, I love mother I love her to bits, but I love her cooking to death. Well, if you did not read between the lines she will be cooking. Saturday 11:45am: I arrive at home full of expectation I can smell the meat and flavors sipping out of the kitchen God is great she kept time. Rushing into the house to find the help cooking while mum supervised, she likes cooking, verbally that is Mother: Aaaah right on time, pound the garlic with salt, then rush to Uchumi for maziwa mala Codename menu for today is Mutton Byriani. Having done that, I was then requested to cook the rice and bake a cake for dessert. The guest did keep time and the pea-coking began from the plates zawageni to the cutlery, serving dishes food and choice of beverage. Then the boyfriend(my ex that is), mum is in love with, a.k.a pastor from Meru, which I keep forgetting to mention to her how and when that ended. I smile and play along with the conversation. Its 3pm the guest have left so has the day help. The kitchen looks like Hiroshima the dining table… let’s not go there. Mother does cook although in the process, she has used the entire kitchen to do so. 3: 45pm I am exhausted after cleaning, mother request my audience in her room apparently she is so tired from all the hard work and in need of a massage, “please my daughter rub my feet, it has been a very long day.” Mother says. in my head I am conjuring a lie to justify my leaving for campus by 4: 30pm. “Okay, I’ll do it, but can’t sleep tonight I have a cat on Monday really need to revise.” She is disappointed but I brush that off and rub her feet and disappear faster than I appeared. On the ride back to school the little remarks mother said kept ringing in my head-you either work smart while in school or work hard, how a man takes care of his shoes tells how he will take care of you; Life will never give you anything you will have to go out there and take what’s yours; being saved is the best thing that happened to her; no one has the right to your emotions. I find myself smiling at this, despite the few chores managed to dine like a princess and got plenty of food for thought to last me a lifetime.