My Darling,

I hope this finds you well, I have missed you dearly. I pray time has been kind to you. It has been a while since we talked and cried together.
I know I have never said it, you are my yang and I, your ying and together life has meaning. The universe forged us as one but humanity split us into two, it is okay. My better half I love you. You don’t have to say it, I feel it. You comprehend my foolishness, and I embrace your youthful nature. You hurt when I cry , I laugh when you find solace. I have missed you since the moment we laid eyes upon each other,it was love at first sight. I am eager to ensure your solace you and hopeful we will one day get to the promise land.
I know I have never said it,  I pray for you. I pray that wisdom will be your companion, grace your shield and modesty your solace as we chatter this waters, once made for greatness now marked by graves, graves of those who got weary of this unspoken burden we bear, I pray you do not grow  that  get wary of bring life, joy and a little kindness to this universe. I pray that we will be able to guide those who are wearing these big shoes, show them how to love even when humanity left an endless void in us.
My darling I know that we will stand tall above all those who stole love, stripped us of human dignity and those who threw stones on our path to attest of Gods wondrous doing. I know I never said this, but I pray that you will find the same companion in Christ like I did not because you have to, but because He was willing to give while humanity was eagerly taking away from you.

From my heart to yours,
Kindred Spirit


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