Starting From the Bottom

I work hard don’t get me wrong but here is the thing, I now joined the job market in a rather unique way. I am the intern who is still in campus and pulling side hustles.  I call that being in-between lifestyles, where there is an ellipse then maybe,  that sentence will be completed. This new working, sorry internship has given me the pass to call myself a city girl “Dame wa Nai,”

In this African Apple, time waits for no man. This means waking up as early as 5 am. In order to beat the morning jam which mean you use the “nganyas,”( yeah apparently that is the public sservice vehicles  for our English-speaking friends ) in preparation for  boarding this said vehicle ensure you have dressed decently, if  you’re a lady smile at the conductor, courtesy might get you the best seat in the house and ladies, Look great the conduct will not harass you. Make sure you have exact amount of  money(fare) these guys are quick to get your money and reluctant with change, mark who you give your fair these nganyas tend to  have three conductors. These nganyas will get you to the C.B.D in 45 minutes maximum but trust you me, you’ll have to deal with the club music that is on bass mode and chances of  literally moving to the beat of the music are higher if you find yourself on the back seats. The drivers, sorry stunt drivers .Vin Diesel has nothing on this guys,the driver will ensure he gets you to town in the shortest time possible so as to maximize on the rush hour profits, its business don’t hate. This will be your reality everyday for the rest of your bottom feeder life.

By the time you get to work , you have fought the makanga for your change, nearly slapped a nigger for stepping on your shoe,dealt with the impatient drivers in downtown who wants to compete with the nganyas, don’t forget getting your shoulders hit by the bulldozer walkers not to mention the crab walkers or the sloooowly! Walking women who think are in a fashion show.By the time you get to the office you’ll have had you day ruined in more ways than you can imagine but work needs to get done.Sometimes I try to imagine  how easy my boss has it. I mean he has a driver and security at his disposal,  he is not obliged to be in the office by 8 am . The private transport not to mention the  route(uptown where a home cost a kings ransom and the S.Q  is for the help and not on  rent) not to mention the comfort of choosing his own playlist let alone radio station, sigh! .

Crossing Moi Avenue is unheard of so he wont have to deal with pedestrians from all walks of life let alone crowded movement. You see where I work you can never leave before your seniors and for me well I can’t leave before his secretary tells us to (being in the bottom feeder sucks). Anyway where were we? My boss gets the paper fresh and with a wide selection courtesy of the organization. As for me the it would be a strain to buy the paper so I fake being green you know( you do that too) and Google news and well that’s cause I haven’t bought a TV yet .This stranger has me at his disposal to run errands, write letters that he only signs in  his name.  I sweat and he gets the credit,story of my  life. He leaves for lunch at noon and like  comes back at a time of his own choosing, as for me on a good day I get half an hour of lunch, because of a   humbling paycheck, I can only afford packed lunch yeah that is  another faked lifestyle, being healthy  hapo ndio kwenye shillingi ya Kenya imenifikisha .

After a long day of loyaly sweating for a maybe job and really proving my worth we  part ways as he walks of to his Grand Charlotte- Jeep waiting for him, I rush of into another nganya episode. I don’t know about you but downtown Nairobi is a whole different Kenya, these people make Kenya but their names are not on any title deed nor faces on  Kenyan notes. I want to join that league, like my boss; that makes business deals over a game of golf or chess, this dream is valid. To be part of that click whom determine oil prices or foreign policies of this state, moreover to be part of the club that decided who will make the ideal president. Yes life is never fair deal with it, I am . Yes I am aggressive but I am in no hurry to get there, let me learn how he got to the top of the food chain, the principles of success he has applied that have worked for him ,then write my own so God help me . Don’t know about you but these humble beginnings break to make you.