It has Always Been Coca-Cola

What would you like to have “Always Coca-Cola,” I would confidently reply, this was the drink of those who knew how live. Every little girls dream as I had believed. You see, coke and Igrew up together before I could go to school I learned so say those three words confidently. It was Always Coca-Cola that determined whether I am a good girl or not. It told us when guest would be coming home or when mother was throwing another grand celebration. It was coke that made all our memorable birthdays (well, other than the cake)

Coke was there when we learned to play bano and most importantly checkers (we used the lids as the ponds on the board).Coke was the laughing gas; you cannot have a sip of such a lively drink and remain the same. Always Coca Cola campaign reminds us of days when life was a breeze, of the belly bottoms mother loved to wear when she went dancing or the live bands, oh how they played with so much soul. How father would hit the TV on the side so that mother and her friends can finish watching The Bold and the Beautiful and how I tried to do the same while watching the Coca-Cola advert.

However, coke does takes me back in time but it is this one incident that you will never forget. You see mother had a store room( ile ya viyombo za wageni ) where she stocked up a few bottles of coke for the unplanned guest, yes this store room was open for all to access at your own risk which I would often risk some spanking just so that I could share a coke with a guest.
As it happened, one evening while mother was getting ready to go dancing, a guest popped in while she was dressing. She asked my sister and I to keep the guest entertained. Sister switched on the TV, then banged it on the side in order to get a clear visual of what was on, I on the other hand rushed to the pantry and carried the “madaiaba,” with white bold writings of Coca Cola as I sung Always Coca-Cola as I headed to the sitting room .

The lady was amused by how adorable I looked trying to carry something that looked twice me size, place it on the table then fetch an opener and glass for her then proceeded to my kids chair. I waited patiently in awe for her to enjoy this tantalizing life changing experience that can never be explained by words. She looks across the living room at me and commends the effort then says “no thanks.”
Madness, absolute madness, how dare she not enjoy happiness in a bottle? How dull was her life? in a span of a second I ran wailing to mum saying that Mama Shiro refused Always Coca-Cola. Mother laughed and calmed me down then we went to the sitting room where she explained to the guest why she needs to take a sip of Always Coca-Cola.