Be known for your mind not the swing of your waist- Mother

If you told me I would make a living out of writing two years ago. I would laugh hysterically and convince you that you must be high on cheap liquor. Me? How ? I never made the top in class whenever we wrote essays. I was that kid teachers picked on for poor dictations. I remember how I first learned to spell and the meaning of ass, it was after my teacher made me write it on the class board (it was meant to be as)then had me look for it in the dictionary after which I read the meaning to the rest of the class. What a coincidence.
Here we are, eagerly awaiting the 37th Daystar University Graduation Ceremony and somehow I made the list. No, I am not graduating with a B.A in communication; it is a B.A in Peace and Conflict Transformation. You ask me why, here is why in my junior and senior high I got in trouble for what I said thus I needed to learn how to say the right thing at the right time, to inspire and not to crush dreams. Yes, I have that thing to get people moving toward their goals, the ability to inspire and the vice versa.
How did I come about this? You see used to paint then something traumatic happened and now my brush just cannot touch the canvas (it is a work in progress) and how did I get to writing? I am a blogger wait , an expressionist, you see I saw then I painted from the deepest corner of my heart, now that I can’t do that for now , I see, hear and feel then write to teach you a lesson you don’t have to learn the hard way, to inspire and to help you charter your darkest seas.

My Love by Amayayi Andanje
My Love by Amayayi Andanje

Why pulchraanimo? (Latin for Beautiful -Mind) I grew struggling with basic communication, from writing to speech.  I often shied from answering a question in class; because of low self esteem and like most of my family members, I too was convinced that I was the face of the family and the brains were left for my elder siblings, such Is life. I learned to overcome all this speculation and proved to myself that indeed there was more to me than my face and blessed African curves and that I too was able to build an empire. Over time I meet friends and strangers who said I have a beautiful mind and this is why for the past year I have been sharing my thoughts and feelings.
What next? For us you mean, Well It would be great to hear your stories, learn from you and to discreetly share the same experience with the world. The day I die is the day I’ll stop writing and painting (future prospects) and that’s the day we will stop talking.
My Advice, You only live once; if you do it right once is enough. Read it in a ummoiner on my way to town. Once is enough to change a life, enough be that great person God saw In you, enough to become a legend as long as you do it right.