They say he was not in a hurry to meet the world. The comfort of his mothers womb was more than enough to call it living, but it is his Son that caught my attention.His dark smooth skin and how his face  and body looks like it has been chiseled by the gods, no no no its his heart, pure and innocent. Rear for a man his age.

Ouma’s Son knows how to keep you smiling even on the dullest of days. He will remind you of your creator and be that partner in crime whenever you need to bend a few rules. Yes, he will pull your chair, open the door for you and  hold your hand like the most precious jewel he has ever seen.

Do not be mistaken by his meekness, He is wise, learned the power in silence and observation from his mother. The significance of thought before speech, but  he will always be a boy whenever you play games and  he will need your gentle hands to cradle him during his dullest day. At times he will seek out his mother in you  but he will cherish you as a lover.


Yes he is a warrior, he will fight for what is his and protect it with his life, regardless of how grim a past you may have. Once in a while he will take your hand look deep into your eyes, no your soul and gently whisper how grateful he is to have met you after which he will plant a kiss on your forehead. This is Ouma’s Son, raised to fear and love his creator, to be a strong and a passionate man, to lead you and let you lead where he is yet to learn something new. He will teach you to be tough without scaring your soft hands.

Ouma’s Son is my undeserved gift form the universe.