An Open Letter

Dear Mr. President,

I vividly remember standing under the scotching sun for 8 hours on the 4th of March, 2013.It was the first time I ever exercised my civic duty; I did not sleep the night prior to the election, no one at home did, we sat up painting a successful Kenya under your government. We had confidence in your leadership. I was sure of job security upon finishing campus or the prospects of facilities to help my small campus business grow. Like mother always said you are your father’s son and had no doubt of your delivering in your term.

It is now two years and a half since and let’s admit it, you had a rough start. Rolling out a government with a new constitution which involved the office of the Senate and Governorship (many of whom are either busy chairing senseless commissions or by starting fad projects in attempts to buy Kenyans, add weight to their C.V for future prospects or just to milk the tax payers money) , dealing with the M.P’s whose first agenda in parliament was to raise their pay, not to mention the state which the Retired President Mwai Kibaki left the teachers among many other weighty issues. This was not your usual life on a silver platter; then it all went to the dogs with the teachers strike that lead to a ripple effect with the rest of the civil service and then the Westgate Siege , Mpeketon attacks; man your trials in leadership beat the paupers life, such is the making of leadership.

However, it is with great regret I write to you today, frankly I’m tired of trying to see the sense in some of the projects you have pushed for. How did a company that’s does not produce laptops get the tender for your laptop project? then again your Excellency, why did this become your first initiative? Wouldn’t paying the teachers and medical workers calm the storm in your tea cup? if the laptop project was so important what happened to screening the people getting these tenders, also those whom you personally appointed to work in the various ministries (this would save Kenya a lot of money on the enquirers on allegations)you may be transparent but not everyone around you is and that is making you look very bad your Excellency.

On the other hand, you destroyed every opportunity for a classless economy with high taxation’s that lead to the sky rocketing of products therefore slimming chances for economic prosperity under your government. I mean women are going natural because it’s too damn expensive to go the saloon, what happened to beautifying the nation? Now see, Obama is coming and Kidero failed to have the flowers blossomed in time for his visit, having beautiful Kenyan women would give the media a tour far far away from your messy kitchen; the world is probably having a field day with this photo doing rounds on social media.


Your government is slowly proving to cater for the 1 percent of Kenyans (i.e. the guys you went to school with or I don’t know summer camp) yes, the NYS (National Youth Service) was your best idea since you got to office but how about changing the face of the Kenya Police by appointing officers who can really work not those who sweat for their god fathers, also have them offered proper degree opportunities that are maybe mandatory and let us say push the requirements of entry to a C-? Maybe I’m pushing things.

There is the youth and women fund which is great if we know someone, which has worked for most of your staff’s extended family members and their family friends, wamevuna kuwa wakenya. Providing laptops, job opportunities with the NYS and the enterprise fund is not a lasting solution. Most Kenyans did not get the kind of education you did so their thinking is streamlined to work for you and your crew( Mother calls it foot soilder mentality). Be that champ with a difference and change the education system to one that challenges broad critical thinking and nurtures talent, reducing materialism and vagueness.

If I was to go back in time to Election Day, I would still vote for you, do not get ahead of yourself Mr. President. Let us give credit where credit is due; it’s the new constitution that has given us the freedom of expression and well this new breed of independent expressionist (Bloggers) that got me a job. It doesn’t pay much but I am happy I don’t have your job and yes my job is waay cooler than yours.

+254 Youth, Well Paid blogger, straight Kenyan, A Kenyan Youth.


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  1. A great piece Andanje.. take away quote “your trials in leadership beat the paupers life, such is the making of leadership.”


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