The Night Runner

My eye lids are slowly falling to my cheeks so we have to make this quick,  juicy and lively. I am a night runner by default simply because I am luhya . The night runners are believed to be the selected few by the gods. Their purpose is to cause fear at night however, they … More The Night Runner

Turning Tables

Today’s generation is a collection of statistics and not individuals aspiring to fulfill their maximum potential. We are either educated or not, healthy or unhealthy, straight or otherwise, employed or unemployed happily self-employed or toiling for another’s company ( it is called work) we are either successful or a failure, morally upright or misfits but … More Turning Tables

The Road to Laare

Change is inevitable; it is the core sign of growth and development. That beats the purpose of my taking the trip back to the home of Green Gold. Let’s just say I had to make drastic changes due to unavoidable circumstances. Going to Laare this time around was different, I was the new driver in … More The Road to Laare