The Road to Laare

Change is inevitable; it is the core sign of growth and development. That beats the purpose of my taking the trip back to the home of Green Gold. Let’s just say I had to make drastic changes due to unavoidable circumstances. Going to Laare this time around was different, I was the new driver in training and that made the journey even longer. “Kata huku kata kwako,” were the basic instructions, let’s not forget a few yelps here and there cause the steering wheel has a mind of its own.

Like every hungry traveler,we managed to buy supper on our way to Laare at a stop over fish market, well let’s just say that place on the road side that lets you know you are near the Sagana River. The preferred choice was mud fish which was alive while we bargained with the seller they had a banana tree skin curved into their mouth in order to ease in carrying and displaying them. The higher he lifted the fish the more the swung side to side in resistance, the more my skin crawled.According to the seller keeping them fresh is his marketing strategy and the effect of witnessing the fish fighting for dear life is far from it as STL would say “Biashara ni Biashara”.  How was I going to cook this? Hit them on the head then cook? We were once hunters and gathers and food was food, whether green or not but here I am wishing the Sagana River was close by for me to toss this harmless creatures back into their habitat well it was too late.

Just like that I was partner in this crime, I gave mother the money and the man lifted the wiper on the car slang the banana skin holding the fish around the wiper and off we went. As the mud fish danced to death due to the wind and speed we were driving. I was captivated the beautiful prints on their heads which closely resembled the mastery of a henna artist. It was glorious, yes, I know how dare I; well my friend this is Africa and that’s how the cookie crumbles.

We never got to Laare that evening. The journey is equivalent to a drive from Nairobi to Mombasa and  due to my careful driving, darkness had caught up with us and our destination is not entirely a safe route at night. We managed to get a room at the Meru Sports Club( it is a very homely and lovely place for a tired traveler or road trip break). The next morning we were greeted by a half bloodied bonnet. We forgot to unpack our supper while checking into the rooms and a lucky cat had it way with it. I was so disappointed that the cat got to them before we did; honestly I wanted the cat to give me back my money, yes you eat it you pay for it especially when you are a gate crushing Cat!.

My driving dramas continued when I was responsible for taking us to the ever busy Total car wash, positioning the car into the wash section, reversing after the cleaning was done then parking. By the time it was over I was soaked in my sweat on a relatively cold day. After treating and pampering ourselves , we were ready for the final stretch at around 7pm which meant we keep up with the Public Service Vehicles(Menya Sacco) headed to Laare for a safe home run.


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