Turning Tables

Today’s generation is a collection of statistics and not individuals aspiring to fulfill their maximum potential. We are either educated or not, healthy or unhealthy, straight or otherwise, employed or unemployed happily self-employed or toiling for another’s company ( it is called work) we are either successful or a failure, morally upright or misfits but that has been determined by one very common statistic whether we come from whole or broken family(single parents, divorced, widowed). The latter is socially shunned upon like it is our fault our parents couldn’t make it work or our existence was the reason mother lost her shape and father stared.

As a result, we have buried ourselves in materialism and called that success and securing for the future (this is why there is a higher chance for a fat rich man to find a companion than a woman of equal proportion). Yes, we are calling a spade a spade; We are consumed by living  in the now and devoid of the future because the frustrations of the present that enslave us to what we want the world to see us; as a successful liberated individuals who are no longer part of any statistic whatsoever. The truth is when the curtains drop we are gremlins drowning in discomfort of the not so integral way of the acquired wealth and the bottom finest Liquor lies to us that life is great after all we are at the top of the food chain lesser slaves to our past and masters of many

I kid you not money can buy anything and anyone not to mention the glory of having a name great name that ms word doesn’t try to spell “right,” that’s just how life is. We have deceived ourselves that this is living, and believed vain men and insecure women I’m sorry, I mean lads and lasses. However, we are the remnants of our generation, who will not try to fake statistics or try to marry for material things in the name of success or security but the “mad fools,” who will look to Christ alone as the author and the finisher of our faith, those who will confidently pray before planning.

The few who will not be defined by status nor find need to buy respect, instead those whose prosperity will  be the pounding of our ego to the world that we did it this or that by ourselves, because our success was destined by creator for the purpose of His glory and His alone. We grasp the vanity in our flawed human desires but remain in awe of the far reaching milestones that are and will accomplish phenomenally through Him. We are mad men and women whom have chosen to believe in the unseen over pure vanity, logic or statistics.


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