The End.

Well it is that time of the year; look back in relief that it is finally over. On the other hand I’m grateful for all the good bad and ugly that comes with it. Indeed God has been great and faithful, also the best teacher courtesy of the Holy Spirit and the people who taught me a few great and not so good lessons. Here are a few things I would love to tell my younger self:
1. Stop loving too much
Sounds narcissistic but I love too much, it has been my greatest weakness. In family I allowed most members to use me as an emotional blackboard or a doormat, whatever fit their shoe but now we are wrapping up that show. In the name of friendship I realized I was sacrificing waaay to much, not to mention the men who simply took advantage of me because I had a distorted preconceived notion that if those I loved were happy, I too would be happy. News flash little me, they don’t give a damn if you fall flat on your face so do yourself a favor and love you first before you have room to love anyone else remember what Jesus said love your neighbor as you love YOURSELF. Self loving aint a crime shuga.

its your job

2. Let it go
You see when you don’t have room to love yourself you get entangled in living people’s lives or simply staying in unhealthy relationship in the name of this is the devil I know and I’m safer here than out there. Younger me was probably high on cheap liquor. The comfort zone drained us and stagnated whatever future we had to pursue leaving us with a lot of age and little to show for (not that life is a show and tell). Let go of that those people, the feelings and perceptions that don’t push you to greatness. Walk out of the known into the unknown, you will be surprised with what God can do with a man or woman who is willing to step of the boat(just like peter in the Bible) become relentless is seeing how far you can stretch yourself and willing to change for the greater good.

3.Be yourself
It is by far the hardest thing man can ever do because we have conjured a life of does and don’t and called it civility and order. News flash booboo, the people who made history never followed the status quo, they questioned it and dare to be different. Don’t be afraid of being that person because at this point in time God had pre destined your existence to stir up generational change and I don’t mean the vague materialistic that’s quickly catching on like wild fire, I mean the one that generations to come will speak off proudly and not murmur in dark corridors. A person to be emulated by world leaders in that time. So fuck decorum do you booboo!!!


4. it’s yours take care of it
Your body heart mind and spirit is a God given responsibility little me. Guard it with your life; otherwise the conformed mind will deceive your heart which corrupts the spirit that rots your soul. So choose wisely whom you will serve and do so it first with your mind. Don’t lie to yourself that Njoki Chege is nut case, eat well and burn off the extra pounds not because you need a man or the need to belong, but you are doing yourself a favor in order to be active and healthy enough to pursue you Gods given purpose to the tee. Don’t shy of any form of responsibility be willing to be corrected and taught for the sake of growth. I dare you, never stop pushing your limits.
Remember, no matter the circumstances never forget your Creator. This is the beginning of the end, rise from the ashes of obscurity into the glory of the eagle and soar higher and higher.