Break Up Conversation

She sat across the room with unkempt hair and undone make up as she tried to calm herself from the crying she had been doing for the past 10 minutes while she narrated to me how much she had invested in a relationship with a man who was self consumed. “What did I do wrong? Why didn’t I leave earlier? What kind of witchcraft is this that made me stay?” She asked. “Well, honey you were playing house with a boy,” I thought. “I am so sorry, is it over now?” I asked. She paused and looked up silently in confusion; it was evident to us that she had no idea of what is going on. All she could fathom was the heartbreak and the reality of her current relationship status.

Call me heartless but in that second my mind was rolling in observation of her reaction to my question. It was evident her mind and heart where in a meeting and just like our parliament they started throwing chairs at each other because they didn’t seem to agreed on the matter at hand. What I saw sounds like this:

Mind: (puts on her reading glasses) According to my files this man has gone beyond the deal breaker and he is pushing our reasoning capacity to the bitch zone.
Heart: (blows chewing gum) hefa, I know can’t you see the cracks he caused on my back last night. I mean we need to really sleep but these cracks have kept her up all night. Man of her dreams my ass. Mind let us teach her and him a lesson and let this thing gone into the bitch zone. It is about time I gave that niggar a piece of my mind…
Mind: (pulls down her spec and looks up) that is not rational. I get you are hurt but it will not be good for her reputation as a lady.
Heart: (rolls her eyes) reputation my ass. Niggar needs to get at taste of the salt on my cracks. I am about to break and before I, do I’m taking his heart with me. Tit for tat, isn’t that what the humans say?
Mind: get your mind out the gutter for one second and reason like the lady? (whispers)which you aren’t.
Heart: (leans in and raises her voice) did you just call me unladylike… hmmm, busy walking around with specs and we have 2 huge eyes with excellent vision. (Reduces her tone and stands up) it is your ever soo wity self that got us into this conundrum with this boy of a man because he apparently “had potential,” is it hmm? You are supposed to be the smartest one around, sadly the rectum downstairs beat you at reasoning…..
Mind: (Throws her file at heart she falls off her chair) I just need to knock some sense into you (standing up) we are done talking. (turns and walks away)
Heart: (Walks across the hall and pulls mind by her hair) oh hell no. You are not walking away this time. (Puts mind under her armpit) yeah smell that salt and feel those cracks. Whose your mama now?
Mind try’s to catch her breath and rings of hearts hold then bashes her head. Heart lets out a loud scream and pulls Minds legs landing both of them on the ground. They both get a firm grasp of each other’s hair and begin to roll across the room.
Mind: ouch that hurts.
Heart: Good it is supposed….. You’re pulling too much let go!!!!
Mind: You first.
There is a loud bang and Ovaries walks in looking sleepy and malnourished.
Ovaries: (shouts) could you keep it down you and quite behaving like reality stars. I have been up all night trying to push for the red day. I don’t have time for this. The entire body is tired of your senseless bickering. The question is simple are we staying or going? And don’t make us vote like last time.
Mind: it’s her fault she wasn’t meant to fall in love before I finished my analysis.
Heart: He is cute, who wouldn’t. You choose him so I did what I do best.
Mind and Heart: I’m tired of fighting.
Ovaries: I can’t believe I am about to say this. We will vote on this tomorrow and also on kicking you out of this body…
Mind and Heart: Are you crazy?! She will die, she needs us!!
Ovaries: Then quit fighting every time she is heartbroken.

“Meg, did you hear a word I said?” questioned my friend as I snapped out of my head. “Off cause, you said you will take time away on your own to think about it,” I replied as I smiled to mask the scenario in my Mind.


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