The Age of Transformers

What I am trying to tell you beloved, you can have a new year but it doesn’t mean jack diddly if you don’t have a new mind
– Bishop T.D Jakes

5!! 4!! As the crowd was eagerly counting down the end of a weary year, I couldn’t help but join in. As we drew closer and closer to the end of what was my weighty year, I couldn’t help but feel the darkness slowly fading away with what was a compilation of my worst nightmares. I was proud to have endured all that life had thrown at me and the promise of a clean slate at was more than a welcomed idea; what a great opportunity it would be to live fearlessly? Then 2016 happened boy isn’t it a great year thus far.


This is the year we birth a better expression of ourselves. This is the age of transformers. These 366 days are not just for making merry and tell stories like drunk sailors. This is not the year of looking back but of eagerly preparing now, as we look towards  brighter better days. This is the year of the transformed souls. The souls that have learned from the mistakes of the past. Those who are ready to fly. Those who have mastered the strength to speak their minds regardless. The souls that are not afraid to express and embrace their difference. This is the year of eagles, giants and lions. There is no room to fly below the clouds or to become the prey in the savannah nor to allow mortals to subjugate us in any way.

 If you  are not where you want to be,you have no time for rest.- Nasra Nandha

Friends, the battle this year is within. Rest assured you will come out better, bold and wiser. All I ask child, be brave. Understanding war always presides the glory of victory and like Napoleon I don’t not promise you the spoils of war, but of glory; of overcoming the enemy within. This is not the year of trying to fix the problem with society before facing the boggy man trolling your inner sanctum. This is the year you tame, repair and destroy whatever preconceived notion that your inner man has bought, in order to become the person who can actualize that dream eking to be birthed.

This is year you will learn to forgive yourself……


2 thoughts on “The Age of Transformers

  1. true… there is a lesson I find hard is when someone wrongs you and they view themselves as victims cause they only see the other persons mistake how do you forgive?? there are treasures that people have invested in and sometimes if not most the sanctity of the ” treasure ” is abused by both but one decides to be wise and ask for forgiveness but it’s instead gets attacked n doesn’t know how to forgive after such betrayal what do you do?


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