So he Broke your Heart

Of all the things that fell apart last year,  my love lifewas the cherry on top .Ouma’s son was easily swayed by the infamous Nairobi disease called unfaithfulness……enough about that sad story. This is not about me or you, it’s about the truth. Not all men are monsters just because you happened to take home a rotten tomato. No, it is not your fault that things fell apar. Don’t beat yourself over it, maybe he just wasn’t worth your extra effort. its okay to feel the storm raging within you, engulfing every great memory you shared with your significant other ;that darkness swallowing whatever little hope you had in happiness. So what do you do when he breaks your heart?

1.Allow the pain to consume you
Scream if you must. You are grieving, a part of you has been ripped out of you. Allow yourself to go through the 4 stages of grieving for that piece which no longer there. Runt about all of it to your dearest friends or family if you must and no, the world doesn’t have to know about what he did or dint do or who he really is. Switch off any and all gadgets that would temp you right after deleting him from all your social media accounts, photos text(that’s after letting your girl read the final nail in your coffin) and throwing out any and all gifts and belongings of his(I loved this part I burnt it all others I me that beats runting any day ). This mopping phase at it worst shouldn’t last more than a weak cause honey life goes on.

2.Get that revenge bod
Exercise has time and time again proven to be the best stress reliever, so is food ;but the last thing you want is bumping into your ex looking like a sumo wrestler. The next time he lays eyes on you should make him wish he hadn’t done what he did. Because you will not only look great(which matters most) but you will have birthed a better version of yourself. This action will speak loudest booboo you won’t need to avoid his gaze or small talk because you will be like a Spartan returning home victorious. no to rebounds or flings
Only a fool does the same thing expecting different results and we know you are an intelligent and strong being. Take some time of the dating scene, learn from your mistakes if there are any , heal , forgive him and yourself for whatever naivety did to your tender soul. Finally learn to love yourself, if you forgot about yourself in that rabbit hole you both had called love. Redefine yourself if you must, do not be in a hurry to ride into the sunset with the next prince charming who comes to your door step. If you are not ready don’t dare stare or try any waters. You think global warming is a disaster, try throwing your oh so fragile heart in a man’s hand.


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