The Do Over 

What has been the worst breakup line you have ever heard? OK, let me tell you mine. So earlier this year I was deluded that we(him and I ) had finally found each other and we were ready to do life together. Oh that sweet euphoria; to finally closing that dating door. It wasn’t too … More The Do Over 

Guilty as charged.

I have on numerous occasions run my pockets to the ground all because of it. On my leisure time I uncontrollable endulge in it. On my low days its my go to stress reliever. On my free time I’m watching and reading on how I can sharpen my skills on it. Men and women alike … More Guilty as charged.

Time & Energy

Its day 9 of the 30 blog challenge and it has clearly proven to be an uphill task. I hope you got  a chance to read through the links on my previous blog. I am an introvert. Therefore time and energy are my most priced possession. It takes my entire being to engage in anything … More Time & Energy

One True Pairing

This is a new thing to me, the urban dictionary describes this as the ideal relationship. An undeniable oneness, what came to mind are the famous Hollywood couples who sometimes never seem to last. However, has it ever crossed your mind that the ultimate one true pairing is one between God and Man? Indulge me … More One True Pairing

Playlist: 2017

Hello !!! It’s day 8 of the #30DayBlogChallenge .A community of bloggers have been doing as as a means  of spring cleaning  our blog post.  Other than yours truly, here are the blog post that cracked my ribs and made my mind go on endless journey’s: These are our communities topping blogs … More Playlist: 2017