“There is nothing more addictive or incredible in life than reinventing yourself, allow yourself to be different every day.” – Thalia

Allow me to congratulate Kenyans today. We are the third state in the World and the first in Africa whose judicial system has nullified elections. This comes to show that we are able as a state and continent, to set up constitutions and systems that can work without big brother watching.

Having dealt with the elephant in the room. Let us delve into the matter at hand. It has been over a year since we spoke. As we all know a lot can happen in a year, young lovers can marry, conceive and have a child, siblings can have a fall out and reconcile or a traumatic event can change a person’s whole being. I know you are wondering what could be the cause of my silence. I simply succumbed to a serious case of writers block and well  life happened. Which we shall talk about that in the near future.

Have you ever thought about the how a caterpillar morphs into a beautiful butterfly? I have, it’s a phenomenon of perpetual motion. It has a process and is submitted to time. It has a stage of stagnation, another of enclosure and finally the blossoming result. Each different from the other, yet necessary. This excruciating process has become the tattoos in my heart and mind. If we met before 2015 then you will probably not recognize me. I no longer see life in the same specs I used to and my language has morphed into a young woman who is more aware of herself and her environment; one who is slow to speak but quick to listen, one who has come to understand one thing, reinvention is necessary.

However, this butterfly effects are much bigger than my thoughts and shared experiences. These effects are about us, our unity in diversity moreover it’s about all of us winning in this tragedy that is life. Living a purposeful life full of happiness and peace. This is about conversation that trigger positive lifestyle changes and jeer all of us into a constant motions of butterfly effects. This new journey of inspiration is for you as much as it is for me.


With love,

Amayayi Andanje