Having been single for a while now has given me plenty of time to think about a lot. Hold your horses, I mean think about the kind of people I happen to call friends and yes that annoying English proverb applies in this case “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” It just recently hit me I don’t want the world to see most of my friends. If you are offended it alright. So here is my reformed values for friendship.

1. Dog lover: I love dog, wait animals .I’m the goof who will travel across the world to hang out with animals better yet visit another national park. If you think am joking ask my ex our first date was at the elephant sanctuary on Ongata Rongai road. I own 5 dogs therefore I’ll find myself more often than not carried away by stories about who did what and who learnt a new trick and in many occasions our hang outs will involve dog friendly zones and mostly parks. I’ll occasionally tag you on numerous social media clips on dogs or animals alike, not to mention occasionally flooding your timeline. In those few worlds you know where you stand.

2. Be on top of current affairs globally I hate light conversation, let alone having to take timeout of my alone time (which is always) to engage with people. So let’s get past the fact English salutations and pick each other brains on why the Houston flood is more important than that in Asia. What voting again means for a Kenyan and also how we can make a kill with the new no paper bag law. I don’t want to get any hot air syndromes.

3. A book lover Buddy, let us talk about books from self helps to religious literature lets as argue over what we thought the author meant lets hate them and love them all together. Most of all let us grow to articulate our thoughts in a manner that commands respect and action. Trust me the best way to bond with Amayayi is through a good book why? It’s a conversation that doesn’t involve a violation of personal space instead it encourages the same.

4. Adventurous and Outdoor fanatic let me make this clear buddy, I need you to on this one as I spend days on end fantasying about budge jumping, water rafting , skydiving ,swimming with the sharks and dolphins but that’s all there is. Well not all, on many occasions I research on these sporting adventure and plan the trip but nothing ever comes to fruition. Now you know why I want to have a nark to adventure so I’ll do the planning and you can do the nudging.

5. Loyalty I believe loyalty exist where there is respect be rest assured I will have your back even after I have told you what you are about to do is stupid. You will never hear me reporting about who said what because I can never allow anyone to speak ill of my friend and as life occasionally happens be secure in the truth that I will seat quietly with you in that dark room and lend you a shoulder to cry and a wake-up call where need be.


With love,
Amayayi Andanje.


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