A Pinch of History with A Dash of Fiction


“A Charged and important novel that pushed at the boundaries of fiction,” – Justine Jordan, Guardian, best books of 2016

When I am not walking my dogs or catching up on the hottest series, I read. Most of the new friends I have made this year read. What gets me is biography or historical events twisted through inconceivable fiction. Quite frankly, I admire authors who are able to stop or turn back time. Their attention to the finer details in history are to be envied. They conjure up characters you would want to have tea with or give your two cents.

The Underground Railroad is the story of one woman’s ferocious will to escape the horrors of bondage, and a shatteringly powerful meditation on history and the unfulfilled promises of the present day –Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad


In August, Text Book Center book club choose The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead as the book of the month. As usual I got to it mid-month, the author captivated all my sense. For the first time in months I forgot I was single and all I could think about is Cora’s journey. Social media was a thing off my past(briefly), and then, like a bad date it came to a screeching halt and I was lost, angry and confused. Yes, I am the white folk who dare send an email to the author. Here is the excerpt.

Dear Sir,

I hope this finds you well, I had the opportunity to read your novel The Underground Railroad this year and I am in awe of your personification of slavery and southern culture, your choice of literature and train of thought is impeccable. However, I am in want of Cora’s happily Ever After.  What was your plan for her? Did she marry? Did she ever meet her mother? Who was the lucky chap? Did she join the abolitionist movement and aid in the railroad operation? What happened? The cliff hanger is great, but what about Cora?

I look forward to discussing more on the same. Thank you for the opportunity to respond. This is the best literature I have read this year.


With love,

Amayayi Andanje