Its 3am in the morning, my alarm has just gone of and I just want to throw my phone on the wall. “What have I done to myself,”I thought to myself. It has been nearly half a year in Discovery Africa journey and I just could not wait to get it over and done with. What kind of life has had I signed myself up for? This was not what I expected. At that moment I wonder what if I  never deferred  my masters ?  But what if I never persued  this Discovery  journey ?  How would I ever know if I was called for church  ministry or society  change ?  Just like that I got out of my bed and begun my day. 

Have you ever been in such a situation?  Where you wondered what would have become of you on the journey you choose not to travel. It’s a constant  dilemma  of mankind. However,  the greatest  struggle  is believing  you made the best  of the decision at the time. It’s wonder will always linger in our minds and hearts. The resolve remains  simple, however  daunting a task it may be.  Many have struggled  with it and  and those who  have succeeded at it have attined satisfaction  in their here and now. And in most cases able to actualize their maximum potential.

The world has on many occasions confused these people to those who lack ambition. Oh yes yes,  forgive that rabbit hole.  The secret that is so simple is this:  take your time to decide  because  once you go down that road there is not turning  but.  Decisions decisions decisions  they my friends are the difference between  who you are now and who you aspire or will become  tomorrow.  Finally,  be content  with your choices in life ensure you made the best choice one you will most likely  never regret.  As for what if ?  Remember  you have only one life live it well.