One True Pairing

This is a new thing to me, the urban dictionary describes this as the ideal relationship. An undeniable oneness, what came to mind are the famous Hollywood couples who sometimes never seem to last. However, has it ever crossed your mind that the ultimate one true pairing is one between God and Man? Indulge me if you may, “ two shall become one,” often used to refer to the union between a man and a woman, but really lets delve into this for a minute; fast forward to Acts when the infilling of the Holy Spirit occurred. A superior, powerful and eternal being settles into a man fallen and sinful, this  union is utterly incompatible; man and God become one on the bases of faith and obedience for the sole purpose of ensuring the eternity of the man more so for Gods glory.

My OTP had me giggling in my sleep last night. They are not the perfect fit but let us be honest everything in this life takes work and we have done the best with what we have, each other.


  1. The Lady Wairegi


She is intelligent and humorous; it still fascinates me how we became good friends. Together we are feminist with old souls. We talk about how James Brown was right to say this is a man’s world but its ruled by women; we occasionally exchange notes on Chimamanda Ngozi’s perspectives on neo colonialism and feminism in the market place. We know how to let our hair down and when to roll it up in a bun, in order to get the job done. We have intellectual disagreements, that we gracefully agree to disagree; then we move on to talk about that hot guy at work whose sole existence is for our amusement. It’s those low days that Linda has shown me the meaning of friendship. When I am unable to call her, she shows up with a bottle of wine and a box chocolate, just like that life makes sense. There is always her reasoning without which I would never see the silver lining in every dark cloud.


  1. The Knight Humphrey

Just imagine this guy was my boss once upon a time. He would call for meetings that ran all the way till 2am in the morning. Then ensure the entire team had arrived safely in their respectful hostel. From the moment I knew him he always had a code of honor that everyone, friend or colleague had to abide by. When we got out to the real world, he became the go to guy for real man advice. Yes, he split all your man secrets to me and does an assessment of every brother that comes my way and in many occasions he would make me aware of those with genuine intentions. I Know Humphrey you are wondering; is that it? It’s just the icing on the cake. I remember vividly one evening on 2015 when I called him to let him know I was done with living, and I was ready to see this eternity we spend our entire life preparing for. He was tolerant and with love made me understand that I actually needed more help than the valium prescribed to me. That changed everything, he was no longer a man dictionary, he became a brother in Christ.


  1. The Clayde to My Bonnie


I am just so giddy about the guy right here. Ours is a game of temperaments. He is a unpredictable rainbow in my organized sky. You see, am introvert while he is extroverted. For an introvert this is a huge step of faith because an extrovert will in numerous occasions expose you to crowds upon crowds of people. I need him in this game of emotional intelligence and the practicality of social etiquette. He is a necessary trouble in my scales of adventure, we have had our own share of work drama but it has never hindered us from discovering great escapes as a means of unwinding, reflecting and plainly not thinking. Yes, he taught me the male art of thinking about nothing and simply enjoying “the moment” .


  1. The Secret Library


So it brings us to Alex!!! Buddy, have you ever met those friend who make you wonder how you became friends. His inner Luoness has been dying to come out since we left campus and it’s all good. Now we may have been caught up with the famous grind, that we barely catch up and when we do it feels like it has literally been a minute. The pairing factor in this case is uhhmm wait I don’t know. I have no idea, but truth is we have managed to arrange and lock up each other’s fears without  judging each other: more so acknowledging that we are on unique journeys. I rarely trust men but with him there is assuring sense of safety. it makes all the differences. PS. That coffee is way overdue you guy.


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