Time & Energy

Its day 9 of the 30 blog challenge and it has clearly proven to be an uphill task. I hope you got  a chance to read through the links on my previous blog. I am an introvert. Therefore time and energy are my most priced possession. It takes my entire being to engage in anything and every relationship I choose to. I take huge offence when friends are late or engage my energy on a fools errand. Which brings me to my Sunday rant. 

I love attending worship experience and I’m willing to go the extra mile and pay for those rear experiences. Yesterday Kenya had the privileged to worship with Hillsong South Africa at CITAM Karen. The event was supposed to start at 4pm till 6pm. There are so many things I failed to understand. For instance, why the choice of venue had poor ventilation. Why it took nearly an hour thirty minutes for the event to start(in my humble opinion the long list of curtain raisers and MC’s who need to make a mark ought to have been entertaining guys while they wait for everything to settle down oh and the sponsors who need to be heard too) and why there were  soo many curtain raisers (it could be a Kenyan culture, one that is wanting and grievly shortchanging people involved)yet people came in thousands to worship with Hillsong. 

At this point I am convinced till worship event organizers understand what value for money and good customer service entails, I’ll  stick with the likes of AFLEWO. Where my time is well spent and the energy excreted is valuable.

PS: I loved the Hillsong part the rest was uneccessary and tiring.