Guilty as charged.

I have on numerous occasions run my pockets to the ground all because of it. On my leisure time I uncontrollable endulge in it. On my low days its my go to stress reliever. On my free time I’m watching and reading on how I can sharpen my skills on it. Men and women alike are wooed by my ability to prepare and present the skill and some have offered to marry me because of it. 

I know you are mind has gone on endless journey to this regard. I try my level best not to endulge in it cause it could be my undoing. Sometimes I wish I had power over it but I see it and I’m back at it like an addict. I barely share it and when I do, its my highest sense of affection that has to be reciprocated because that me at my best oin being selfless. I travel for it. It is the epitome of my cross cultural experience. There is the quenching of adrenaline before and during the indulgence.

Now you are convinced you have an idea. I will not tell you. Instead let me show you.