Church Hero’s by Emmanuel Odera

Reverend Peter Adolwa.

He is a man who lives by his word and says it as it is.

Most of the people like sugarcoating or filtering the things they say and do but this man says it RAW.

He creates structure everywhere he goes and I believe everyone should leave a legacy like his.
The Onens
Mike and Iyosayi Onen are individuals who I truly admire.

As you can see, I love radicals and they are pastors who this. Mike met Iyosayi while he was in school in Nigeria several years back and they became friends while they were serving in the same church but this is not the reason I have come to love and look up to them. 

Honesty and truthfulness would be it. They will call out wrong whenever they see it. Mike has been a mentor to me and having an opportunity to shadow him has been a blessing not only to me but to the people who have met him. 

I have spent several nights at their home and I saw how their relationship with their kids and I want to raise my children in the same manner.

I just had to sneak in one final one. For those who know me this will in most cases raise your eyebrows. 
Meet Milton Jumba

He is an Executive pastor at Mavuno rearly do you his story but when you do you will realises that God mercy and love is never ending. 

The fact that he is open and honest about his journey as a minister and husband has encouraged many Discovery Africa in their journey and also thousands who have had the previledge of having an encounter with him.