The Do Over 

What has been the worst breakup line you have ever heard? OK, let me tell you mine. So earlier this year I was deluded that we(him and I ) had finally found each other and we were ready to do life together. Oh that sweet euphoria; to finally closing that dating door. It wasn’t too long when till he called me and said ” you are broken,”  I stirred at my phone and thought ” niggar why don’t you come and say that to my face so that I can show what broken really looks like, the hell !”  Yes, in all my WWJD ( what would Jesus Do) spirit I woke up to the reality, I’m back in this ratrace called getting to know myself first and being ‘the one,’. 

I was angry at him for choosing the cause of my well organised future.  The ducks just went every which way and I just wanted to start over far far away, from any and everything that involves him. All I needed was a do over. One that never involved an African man. Yes, kwenye nimefika, I want to see what’s way on the other  side of the fence.

My do over would involve  owning a ranch in Manchester, United Kingdom and a holiday home in Florence, Italy. The man would love the country just as much as the city, like I do.We would enjoy night caps in the city, engaging in adrenaline rush activities like cliff diving or sky diving and taking our dogs (which will most likely be a Shepherd mastiff and St Bernard) for  camps and hikes. 

When we are tired of that, we would take our dogs to enjoy the cool breeze in Florence. There,we would enjoy the heart of world fashion and social interactions and of cause invite our friends to wine and dine with us.

Anyway its all  just a desire and my boss has just walked in for an impromptu meeting. Such is life.


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