Litmus Test

Happy new year! I hope this new year has been kind to you. Apologies for the silence, I was finding my footing. Here goes another of my many adventures.

I have never been a chemistry or physics fan, the only science that made sense was biology; no not the reproductive system. It was the relativity of the study. Its all visible and tangible. I happened to stumble into chemistry and boy it was a struggle who thought about complicating simple thing’s like water H2O or Air just O2. Then there was this thing where we mixed liquids of different color’s to create another thingy then use a litmus paper to check pH levels.  if you ask me sound’s like art and craft 5.0.

There I was, in pajamas at an executive office gazing into the abyss of my life. Mother had duped me yet again. The plan was to sleep in, wake up late watch several series, shower then repeat. She told me to drop her off at a friends office but I ended up dropping her off at every office in town including lunch which I will not complain – Indian food is a go anytime. OK where were we?  Ah yes,  me, pajamas, in an executive office and you wondering what chemistry has to do with it.

In African fashion, mother decided to drop in on my uncle without notice. The aim was to catch up on how fast his kids were settling down. We ended up walking in on my cousin spilling the details of her intended fiancĂ© and mother couldn’t help but inquire further about the man. The series of questions made me cringed and feel sorry for my future husband. ” Where does he fellowship?,  what is his level of education?, can he put a descent meal on the table, how many times a week?, where is he originally from? What is his 5 year plan?,” 

The mirage of questions came to a shocking hault when she asked ” have you gone for a full test at KEMRI, you know gene test and spern count? Suddenly there was a pin drop silence in the room ,everyones chicks turned purple. Mother’s eyes were firmly fixed on my cousin carefully studying her body language while she awaited the response. My uncle leaned back on his chair in an attempt to fade into the office wallpaper. 

Unajua hizi vitu nimuhimu, ( This things are important) you need to know what you are signing yourself up for health wise so that when you say I do you are of sound mind ” mother said that in an attempt to break the silence. We all breathed a sigh of relief. My uncle’s failed attempt to salvage the moment was conclude by saying  “you see that’s why having such an aunt is important, this is just a litmus test.”Then turned his turned his attention to me and said “Take notes you could be next,”