Have you met Her?

Have you met her? The one who carries generations on her hips. The one without whom your existence wouldn’t have come be. Her, she comes from every home in this world. She has walked this earth graceful shrouded by social, economic and political tags. The law has attempted to tame her, society has broken her spirit and left her bound to the kitchen, barefoot tending to the house while her dreams die each waking day. We know her, she broke those chains and now we are her.

Well, there is her too. Have you met her? The greatest demise of womanhood. She will be the first to throw stones at your weakness having forgotten you were cut from the same cloth. She will gather men around and give a detail narration as to why she is a better woman than you. You have bumped into her in the grocery store or even at home. She will give birth to you and hold it against you that her marriage went one way or the other. She will raise you to get from you “my security” she whispers to her peers.

She will compete with you for a man, a job, position , body and dressing because she forgot whom she’s at war with. She is at war with God and humanity. She is at war with you. You represent everything she never aspired for. Your Laughter makes her womb crack because of the man who seeded her. Each step you took in life has her convinced that she deserved it more than you did. Then she will seat silently with the men who bound her female ancestors for hundreds of years waiting for you to trip and tells the world how you fell. If you thought you have met her you could have bumped into another mask.

Have you met her? She is proud of everything she has earned and forgot the women who made the toiling a less laborious task. She seats like a goddess on her throne forgetting that it is all in vain like air the world will forget. “Who cares ,” she yells as she sips her Bourbon on the rocks ” this is my time” . Her time to ensure any woman who threatens her ‘hard work’ is bound by the same chains her ancestors broke. No other woman but her should stand on the mountain top. According to her no other woman is like her, has ever existed and we all need to thank the gods for her. She is the only one best suited define womanhood.

Now reader have you met her? I see her in me some days. I have been close friends with her. I have been raised with and by her. I have worked with and under her. I have met her more times than I could count and most of the occasions I do not want to be associated by her. Then I realized she too is weighed down by this fallacy of a war. She is aiming to be like all the others and not who she is dying to be inside her. She wouldn’t be caught dead airing her weakness like a badge of honor. She would rather continuous implode and add more waterproof make up which allows her smile to crack through the edges of her frown. Ladies and Gentlemen meet Her.