This. Is. Us.

It is 13 minutes past midnight on a Friday evening. The ‘no longer’ serving in Church me would be kamataing hapo chini like I lost that mid month fare at a club. Well, let’s be honest, some of you would too but I am not. I am in bed after spending nearly four hours talking about my issues while poking my nose into other peoples issues. I have every right to do so and those over 10 people do too. Its called experiencing life together.

You see, Mavuno Church is doing this exciting series called #Thisisus. It is all about real people, real issues encountering a real God. I am sure that corporate jagon just nyweed into your system and the digestion is taking time. Let me break it down for you.

When I first bumped into this amazing group of people whom we kinda sorta live near each other (you don’t want to know the kinda,trust me) I was scared. How was I supposed to be really open up for ‘Us’to work out ? I mean Mr.Beaver and I are still trying to open up to each other even after seven years of friendship. ( by the way we used Facebook to mark the 7 years, millennials. Tell me abour it) it was crazy watching this total strangers pouring out their fears and hurts in confidence and the rest responding with love and patients. Of course there was the occasional reference to a Bible verses and the characters there in, but it was the resolve and accountability that struck me.

You say your piece as honestly as you see it and then someone reminds you of what Gods word says about it, another throws a practical solution to it. Then you are allowed to respond with something everyone can hold you accountable for. Yes, we just had Church right there people. The ladies fix each others crowns in matters marriage, family, work and even finances, while the men clubber some hard truths about Gods love into each other without shouting each others flaws to the world.

Its been nearly 4 months since I opened my life to them and this journey called salvation has been much more bearable. I have learnt honest prayers, patients and love. I have seen God do wonders in their lives and families. My time prayer have become longer than usual because I now pray for 10 more people. I have learnt to look beyond my needs and want,and simply love. Loving my neighbors in the same measure of love that I accord myself. Since then my Friday nights have become the best way to wrap up the week.

Trust me you don’t want to miss the final sermon at a Mavuno church near you or well on your gadgets (they stream live)


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