Under Employed Part I

Have a seat. Let’s talk about the truth of 21st century employment in Kenya. I’m a statistics and I think you might be one. Let me describe what I used do. For over 1 year I had been interning. This is like having something meaningful to do between 8-5 while the rest are basically taking a pay check that makes your responsible taxpayers who can ask the really hard question, then i was hoping fulfilling my purpose and experience will make me look sort of like the rest of you. The intern basically uses there fresh mind and untapped energy to make organisations better or help you get that promotion you have been eyeing.

Do you know this intern is not recognized by any workers union. They are that Grey area in this situation. At work from 8-5 with little to no pay, no allowances , no nothing and here is the modern lie you hear from the grey haired staff who seem to be teetering on their graves. “I started from there too, ” ” you have to start somewhere,” while they disappear into their 4 by 4 cars.

About a decade ago interns were part of a job group, one that was has equal rights to allowance or access to medical insurance. There was assurity of employment not “thank you for your time, energy and brains, go off into the world and be great.” This is a silent violation of human rights on the 21st century. What we would consider capitalism at its best. At the height of development we failed to notice why there more hustlers, dealers and wheelers who have refused to be sold the facade called job security.

Intern is like hanging between heaven and hell. Hell is done with you and heaven is still deciding if you are really worth it. Gone are the days of good will the man would rather keep you in titles that kinda sort have a lot of Human Resource grey areas in terms of employment vis-à-vis payment and say your resume still needs some building up but we still need you do the job for nothing. There is a clear system failure that serves the old foxes and the frustrated managers.