I Don’t Want A Kitchen Boy

Eh eh she shouted as she lend across the table. “I don’t want a kitchen boy,” I leaned back on my chair in shock of the words. Kitchen boy! I am just as confused as you are. Apparently kitchen boys are the boys who grew up near their mothers skirt. They saw their mothers cover their lazy fathers shame. Yes, those men who board and breakfast without a care in the world on where the money for all this leisure come from.

The kitchen boy was not made prive to his mothers circumstances. Because he was just a boy who needed to be shielded from such men. Who you most like could end up become or dating even worse marrying. The kitchen boys argument would lean more on “move with the times,”. He is the guy who is happy to go on a date and go dutch because you are earning just as well as he is. He most likely doesn’t know how to be the man in the relationship but is okay with you being the woman in fact he would expect it of you. I mean keep your finances in check for the next time you want to go out and he so happens to be broke.

The kitchen boy is the modern woman’s phenomenon he learnt to be cared for by his mother he never saw his old man foot any bill or his mother depend on him or allow him to provide or protect her. The instinct of such guy would be to call you a gold digger for wanting a man who provides. He is probably angry at his father for not being man enough. Perhaps even confused about his role in this woman’s world.

So where do you find the kitchen boy most certainly somewhere near his mothers skirts. She is the only woman he would go to the ends of the world for even if it means moving out at the age of 37,he is fine with it so is the mom. He has a lot male friends of the same calibre. Men who haven’t know better. They find comfort in this thwarted form of thinking. What is sad, women have become too independent to know it. We have called them lazy but it has a lot to do with the sins of their mother’s.