Rhythms of Life

Thank you for being patient with me for the last 4 years. It has be a wonderful journey. Many of you have sent me many questions with comments. One thing stood out, you want to know how I do it. How do I keep the fire burning.

The rhythms of my life have been inconsistent I have had my fair share of struggles of keeping up with living. My best days have been on the days I kept to the routines like my sanity depended on it which it does. I hope this simplified rhythm will help you live.

1. Seek professional help..

The reality is your friends and family will most probably not have the patience to go down the emotional unpacking journey with you nor will your significant other. That’s the truth most adults with mental health illness are not told. Find professional help, a certified psycologists or counselor even if it means paying for it.

Here is what I did, I signed up for free counseling session with Befriends Kenya so far I am pleased. I can maintain a healthy relationship with my family friends and Mr. Beaver without downloading my most sincere struggles on them.

If you are engaging any religious counselors ensure they are certified and they uphold the medical code of conducts. You wouldn’t want to be a topic of reference in a sermon or testimony.

2. Dump Everything Toxic

Yes! Drop everything and anything that has been a triggering your mental illness. Drop relationships, drop that job( I quit my job,I can never tell you to do something I haven’t done) even family drop them, block any toxic person or pages on social media. Leave every WhatsApp group that has been a trigger and if you can delete all social media triggers be it Facebook, Instagram ,Snapchat or twitter even WhatsApp.

Leave any environment that has been a trigger. Doing this is not weakness in fact it takes a strong person to admit they have triggers then walk away or let go of anything that hurts them. Be brave enough to put any triggers down for now then review everything when you are in the right state of mind. You don’t have to pick them up remember you don’t owe the world an explanation for your well being.

3. Get moving

This was the first and best advice I got. My counselor congratulated me for getting out of bed, grooming myself and leaving the house. I got moving which is healthy for my mind. To this, I was added even more things to check of my daily to do list. These things are mundane to a normal people but trust me they are everything right now. Here is my basic Get moving checklist..

Get up, make my bed,shower, brush my teeth, clean my room go for a walk, apply for 2 jobs, read a chapter of a book I enjoy, eat at least 3 times a day.

The above looks simple but it has been life changing for me. The above is entered in a gratitude journal every evening and has created something greater to look forward even when hit by any obstacle I am able to function. Over the last two weeks I have been able to add more and more things to look forward to daily.

I would love to add more but let’s keep this conversation to a monthly rendezvous. Meanwhile have a go with the above.

Here is a nugget that changed my life.

I have one life,I choose to live it well till the wheels fall off.


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  1. Number 3… Small wins that matter.. waking up, brush your teeth, take a shower and leave the house. Wins that we should all take a moment and remember when the going gets tough.


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