Survival Kit : Depression and Anxiety for Dummies Part II

Friends,By now I have built enough credibility which is based on my unwarranted honesty. Your responses thus far have triggered this conversation we will be delving into today. Today its all about handling Depression and Anxiety before stuff gets real and you find yourself taking medication, the secret is in your daily routines of menial things that keep us alive. Thus far I have been able to do this with a few close friends and a reliable family member – yes the counselor is part of the package as well. I hope by now we get it. This Survival Kit is team work involving the affected and infected.

1. Hormonal balancing and Nero fluids

This is the most uncomfortable conversation anyone can have. Poping pills means down under but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes when you are taking pills inform a genuine party for the purpose of helping you manage when you feel overwhelmed with life and in most cases by the pills. From my experience learning to overcome depression without medication is the way to go but its hard and in most cases a much slower recovery process. If you have been referred to a physiatrist by your counselor please go with a trusted friend. As for the affected this is the place you choose to either quietly participate or be the pink balloon in a dark room. Its not the grand like sending encouraging videos or WhatsApp forwards no its not about pitty parties. Its the little things like reminding us to take our pills whipping up that warm cup of tea or simply doing those menial tasks together and the simplest is a simple ‘hi, you are doing great and I got you,’ text.

2. Color Change

This is the most forgotten survival tool. Did you know colors have the same effect’s on our thoughts as they do with our appetite. The bold colors trigger aggressive thought patterns and instead of helping you unwind in most cases you find yourself wondering to those traumatic events in your day or the past. I made my life simple and kept all my walls white for those who will choose colors, look for spring colors and especially those that lean towards a more pastel feel and for the researchers google is your friend stress free color pallets are in plenty and the great news for those who need a color for each room trust me you won’t miss the relaxing tones.

3. Understand thy personality

I hated doing this exercises but after doing a number of them especially the Meyer Briggs 12 personality test I became more aware of my emotional and mental pitfalls this helped me prepare psychologically and emotionally instead of being in a constant motion of responding to other people and situation. I got some sense of Control and a lot of influence. For the affected take the this test among many that you would prefer to do with us,try to make the task fun or less damming this way we are able to honestly answer the questions without feeling the need to be one personality over the other. Sometimes its best not know the various personalities before doing the test. Remember we can’t all be the same but we can be the best version of our personality types.

4.Own that shit

Yes own it. Because the more hidden the battle the bigger the room to fall back. We are in the fight for our sanity and more go life. If we remain silent about it the more likely we are to relapse. Why? Because there is no one other than our counselor to help us mark the milestones. There is no one to give us some hard truths when we choose to crawl back in that darkness we grew fond of. Yes you dummies you are the most significant pieces in our puzzle don’t just stand there get involved to the level we have stated we need you. Trust us its very difficult to say hi, I need your help with reminding me to shower or make my bed or go for a walk or write this blog post. This is your superhero moment probably the only one you will ever get till Christ comes.

4. Diet and Supplements

Garbage in garbage out… The more you expose your body to unhealthy diets the more your brain experiences chemical imbalances and also your hormones have the time of their life.

How do I know that? Since August 2015 till January 2018 added a total of 25kgs and with it the inability to function on a daily bases. In that gap I had contemplated suicide over 4 times and attempted it once(pick up that jaw) then I stumbled on a Pinterest article (make Pinterest your friend) I saw how certain mineral deficiencies really cause a major imbalance on my brain fluids thus I sort out supplements and changed my diet. Keeping the course on this had been a team effort. Yes you make healthier meals forgo eating out to preping your own meals where you know your oil to salt ratios. Minimize the amount of spices to may be mixed herbs and black pepper finally throw out those processed foods. If you can’t do it summon the A team and ask to be held accountable. Now dummies you tend to do that thing where you insist on a unhealthy food joints even after reading this. We know how much you care by choosing restaurants that have win-win dietary options.

5. Celebrate the small stuff.

Celebrate making your bed for one week with maybe buying yourself new sheets or even watching that series you have been putting away. Celebrate that one month of being pill free or committing to a morning routine or even 21days of healthy eating. This will be great esteem boosters and push the envelope even further soon you will lead a victorious life. I’m sure the affected know this us the part where you call for the celebrations , keep track of the progress with us this is one of the best ways to cheer us on. This is more a reason to throw down.

6. Keep any possible addiction’s at bay

This is not a trial run this is mental illness. Don’t treat it like the flue. Unchecked unhealthy behaviors easily become addictions. That glass of wine becomes bottle then 2shots of whisky before you know it it’s a couple of bottles in a day.

That one week of junk becomes a month then rolls into a year or lifestyle. That drunken sex turns into one nighters then multiple partners. This is why your support system needs to made up vice free friends and family who can keep any and all temptations at bay.

Its been great doing this series with you. Your inputs were valuable and I hope these reads will help you save your life or a life.

Hi, my name is Amayayi Andanje and I am overcoming anxiety and depression. Here is a quote that made me speak out.

Harness that shit and you will truly become unstoppable ~ Anonymous.


4 thoughts on “Survival Kit : Depression and Anxiety for Dummies Part II

  1. This is remarkable. I love that you’re confident enough to speak from your own experience, owning up and choosing to speak out to help others.
    Keep going. We are proud of you Andanje!


  2. Nice read Amayayi. I am learning a lot through your series.
    The fact that you can speak it out with the intention of reaching out to the rest of the world shows that you are becoming stronger and love to pull up the rest with you.
    Be blessed and we are here to cheer you on


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