Litmus Test

Happy new year! I hope this new year has been kind to you. Apologies for the silence, I was finding my footing. Here goes another of my many adventures. I have never been a chemistry or physics fan, the only science that made sense was biology; no not the reproductive system. It was the relativity … More Litmus Test

To Split Milk

Dear Dad, I always imagined a charismatic hardworking man who feared God and dis-tasted stupidity and laziness like the plague. It is however sad that in your time here you nearly shared time with me. Instead, life had another plan for you.  You fell in love with my sister and choose her over me. Like … More To Split Milk

The Night Runner

My eye lids are slowly falling to my cheeks so we have to make this quick,  juicy and lively. I am a night runner by default simply because I am luhya . The night runners are believed to be the selected few by the gods. Their purpose is to cause fear at night however, they … More The Night Runner

An Open Letter

Dear Mr. President, I vividly remember standing under the scotching sun for 8 hours on the 4th of March, 2013.It was the first time I ever exercised my civic duty; I did not sleep the night prior to the election, no one at home did, we sat up painting a successful Kenya under your government. … More An Open Letter