Rhythms of Life

Thank you for being patient with me for the last 4 years. It has be a wonderful journey. Many of you have sent me many questions with comments. One thing stood out, you want to know how I do it. How do I keep the fire burning. The rhythms of my life have been inconsistent … More Rhythms of Life

I Died at 20

On average man lives till they are 75 or 80years. However it has been noted that many people die years before they are buried. Somewhere between 20 and 27years ‘adulting,’simply becomes too unbearable for others and they revert to auto pilot mode meaning mediocre lifestyle choices become their way of life. Its been seven long … More I Died at 20

Under Employed Part I

Have a seat. Let’s talk about the truth of 21st century employment in Kenya. I’m a statistics and I think you might be one. Let me describe what I used do. For over 1 year I had been interning. This is like having something meaningful to do between 8-5 while the rest are basically taking … More Under Employed Part I

This. Is. Us.

It is 13 minutes past midnight on a Friday evening. The ‘no longer’ serving in Church me would be kamataing hapo chini like I lost that mid month fare at a club. Well, let’s be honest, some of you would too but I am not. I am in bed after spending nearly four hours talking … More This. Is. Us.

Their Love Saved Me

This week women from all walks of life stood up and spoke against ending rape culture. Ending subjugation and objectification by the men and those of their own. I thought hard about talking about my encounter then it hit me. This year its about telling your stories rather the most unlikely stories thus I invited … More Their Love Saved Me

Have you met Her?

Have you met her? The one who carries generations on her hips. The one without whom your existence wouldn’t have come be. Her, she comes from every home in this world. She has walked this earth graceful shrouded by social, economic and political tags. The law has attempted to tame her, society has broken her … More Have you met Her?